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A private chef and meal delivery service cooking with an emphasis on local product and sustainability. Spreading the love one meal at a time.

MENU FOR THE WEEK OF 10/19-10/23


ROASTED PORK LOIN heritage pork loin with a honey mustard glaze.
duck fat roasted fingerling potatoes + sweet onion.
charred broccolini with rosemary oil.
local applesauce with fall spices.


SOUP + SANDWICHES fresh ciabatta banh mi with roast pork, bacon, cucumber, cilantro, pickles, and sriracha aioli.
curried squash soup + caramel coated pepitas.
glass noodle salad with pickled beets + herbs


PUMPKIN PASTA farfalle pasta with pumpkin fondue, kale, caramelized onions, fontina, basil.
roasted hazelnut + parmesan pesto.
mixed greens + honey mustard vinaigrette.
chef Theo’s famous garlic bread.


BIBIMBAP RICE BOWLS soy marinated bavette steak.
jasmine rice, marinated cucumber, pickled carrot + daikon radish, kimchi, fresh herbs, chili oil.
baby bok choy with yuzu sesame dressing.


CHICKEN POT PIE braised chicken thighs, mirepoix, volute, gold potatoes, crimini mushrooms, fresh thyme .
braised collard greens + preserved lemon.
cheddar and scallion cornbread.


MAC AND CHEESE with niman ranch organic franks, shell pasta, cheddar cheese, steamed broccoli


WECO is a close knit team of individuals, united under a common goal to bring you dinners made with the highest quality flavors and ingredients at a reasonable price.

WHATWECO offers freshly-prepared dinners made from locally sourced ingredients, for pickup or delivery. We’re not your typical takeout! We encourage people to take the final step in preparing their dinners, following our easy instructions, so that you’re not just eating your dinner out of a box! A healthy dose of respect for your food goes a long way.


Started out of a home kitchen in a pandemic, WECO has grown exponentially since our first dinners were served back in March. We have served over 5,000 families, in 30+ towns, and donated countless meals to hospitals, homeless shelters, out-of-work employees, and families who simply deserve a free dinner. We continue to welcome more and more people into the Weco fam. To see what’s for dinner, just sign up to get our weekly menu via email!

WHERELocated in the historic town of Concord, MA, WECO takes pride in its roots, and in the transcendentalist philosophy of finding inherent goodness in all things. Concord is a special place, a breeding ground for fresh and unconventional thoughts, and an excellent stage for change.


You have to put dinner on the table every. single. night., and options are limited. Preparing your own dinner requires hours of planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning (and let’s face it, you’re sick of cooking). Meal kits are prepared in a factory and still require 60+ minutes of chores. Takeout can be expensive.

Weco uses locally grown, seasonal produce and ingredients from local purveyors. We prepare small batch meals freshly every day and deliver them to your home in time for dinner. Dinner, solved.


We order all the ingredients to arrive the same morning that you will get your dinner. Everything is prepared, packaged, and delivered in a matter of hours. Talk about fresh!

After you eat, we present you with the cost of the ingredients used to prepare the meal. You decide what you want to pay for our overhead, labor, and love.

The result is a delicious, compartmentalized full meal for you and your family, at a price that you decide!