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No Subscriptions. No Minimums.
No Cooking!

Special Deal:
    10% discount for Babson employees if you sign up here.

    $20 off your first order IF you sign up by 12:00 Midnight Sunday.

    1 Free delivery each week that you order.

Get The Menu!
WECO is not a meal kit.

Cooked Daily
from fresh seasonal ingredients
by local chefs & hand delivered
in time for dinner!

It’s hard to create delicious and healthy meals for yourself every day. Takeout gets old; expensive and well… boring!

That’s why WECO’s chefs scour local farms and purveyors to source the best ingredients and create healthy, nutritious and DELICIOUS meals – so you don’t have to.

What you get:

  • $20 off of your first order if you order before the deadline
  • An exclusive 10% Babson employee discount ongoing
  • 1 FREE delivery each week!
  • Delicious, hand-crafted meals delivered right to your door, Monday through Friday
  • The Freshest seasonal ingredients
  • No meal planning or grocery shopping required
  • No subscriptions or minimum orders
Sign Up NOW!

Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious

How WECO Works

Get The Menu

Sign up to get the weekly menu via email every Wednesday at 6:00pm.


Order the meals you want for the days you want them. No subscriptions, no minimums!

Just Heat & Eat

Follow the easy heating instructions and enjoy your tasty delectables!  You pay after you’ve enjoyed the food. It’s that simple.

Wanna see what’s coming next?

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Love Notes


What is WECO?

WECO is a community of local chefs famers and families who value better food. We scour local farms purveyors and artisans to find the very best ingredients. Then each day our local chef’s craft delicious and healthy gourmet meals that are hand-delivered in timer for dinner.

How do I sign up?

Scroll up on this page and enter your email! Then, wait for the Wednesday at 6:00pm to roll around. You’ll receive our weekly menu email and a link to the dinner order form.

When do I order?

Once you’ve signed up here with your Babson email, you’ll receive a unique menu each Wednesday at 6:00pm. In it will be a link to our online order form. But remember to place your order ASAP. Dinners can sell out fast!  Babson employees will receive an ongoing to 10% discount AND $20 off their first order – provided you order by midnight on Sunday. Plus you will receive 1 free delivery each week!

How does the BABSON Deal work?

Babson employees will receive a 10% discount ongoing AND $20 off their first order. To receive the $20 subsidy on your first order you must order by midnight Sunday night. You will receive the 10% discount ongoing regardless. You will also receive 1 FREE delivery each week!

Babson College does not endorse, warrant, direct or control third party servicers and/or providers such as WECO and is not responsible for the legality, quality, accuracy, integrity, reliability or availability of any third party servicers and/or providers. Your use of WECO is solely between you and WECO.

How many portions do your dinners feed?

On the dinner request form, unless otherwise indicated*, a quantity of 1 equals dinner for 1 person. Enter a quantity of however many mouths you are looking to feed, but email us if you’d like some guidance!

*Sometimes we will have items where ordering 1 quantity will serve 2 or 4 people. When this is the case it will be indicated with the dinner item!

How does my WECO dinner come?

Main 1  | This dinner option is packaged so that the components are packed separately from each other- i.e. the pasta sauce does not come directly on the pasta! Keep in mind that you should still order for the number of mouths you have to feed for mains—we send 1 set of containers but simply adjust the portions for the containers accordingly! 

Main 2 | The second main option comes in a single container. We’ve noticed that our WECO fam likes to order these for lunch the next day!


Bowl | The WECO Bowl comes in one container of tasty goodness. Another delicious lunch option!

Starter | Usually a soup or a dip (but sometimes something else!), these make a great appetizer or snack. You’ll receive a container for each quantity of the starter you order, so if you order 2 starters you’ll receive two containers of it.

Kids | The kids dinner comes with all of the components in one container, but the components are separated like a lunch tray 🙂

Dessert | End dinner on a sweet note! Dessert comes in one container, so if you order 2 desserts you’ll receive two containers of it.

Drink Mix | This non-alcoholic drink mix serves 2-4 people and comes in one container.

Breakfast | Comes in 1 container and is a quick and tasty way to start your day. Wake up with WECO!

I filled out the dinner request form, but didn't get an automated reply that my order had been submitted.

Oops! A few things may have happened here.

1) You may have missed clicking the final “request dinners” button

2) You misspelled your email address when creating your account

3) You used an alternate email address from what you thought you entered (autofill can be pesky!).

If you don’t receive an automated summary email of your dinner requests, we do not have your dinner requests in our system 🙁

Place it again, or email us and we’ll be glad to help.

How much does WECO cost?

We don’t know yet 🙂 The reason we have an estimated price on our menus is because we source fresh ingredients, and just for the confirmed number of dinners that are ordered so we can avoid as much food waste as possible. When we release the menu, we truly don’t know the exact cost yet of, say, the freshly made gnocchi we’re using in your Monday night feast.

Once we visit our local purveyors, we get all the information and calculate the cost of that day’s ingredients, which we bill you each evening.

The ingredient costs for main courses + bowls are approximately $10.00-$13.00, starters + kids meals $5.00-$7.00, and mixers + dessert + breakfast $4.00-$6.00. From there, we ask people to contribute what they think is fair for our labor, overhead, and love. Most people simply double the ingredient cost, but it is still up to you!

Is there a subscription or fee to join?

Nope! This is a community, not a subscription.

You request which ever meals you want during the weeks you want them. The only thing you’re subscribing to is our email list!

Is there a weekly fee?

Nope! You just pay for the dinners you order!

How do I pay?

Credit or debit card is great! Just hit the link in the invoice you get after dinner, pay with your card, and done. (We don’t accept cash or check.)

What do people usually contribute?

When you receive your bill, it will show the cost of ingredients. We do this to educate customers about just how much food costs, which is often hidden when you’re out in the world. #Education!

In addition to the ingredient costs, we ask you to add a “contribution.” Your contribution covers our overhead (like kitchen rent and utilities), labor (like the wages for our chefs and kitchen staff) and love. Most happy customers simply double the ingredient cost and set that as their grand total per order, but it’s up to you.

Said differently, you choose your price! We provide contribution suggestions each night to help.

When do I pay?

Trust is everything to us. That’s why we don’t accept your money until after you enjoy your dinner. You’ll receive an email around 7:00pm on the night you receive your dinner that has a link to the payment portal.

Each link is attached to that specific dinner in your account.

The number you type in is the total food cost, which will be your cost of ingredients + your contribution. It does require you to do some quick math!

Then, the delivery and tax is added to the food total to get the total payment amount

How much is delivery?

Delivery is a $6 flat fee for each day of delivery.

When do you deliver?

We deliver from 9:30am-7:00pm daily. You’ll receive a text the evening before with our estimated time of arrival so you can plan accordingly!

Do I tip the delivery driver?

Nope! Our drivers are paid fairly and sustainably by us so they do not need to rely on tips! Thanks for asking 🙂

What if I'm not home for delivery?

No sweat! If you won’t be home for your delivery, just leave a cooler for us to place your dinner in and it will stay there safely ’til you arrive home.

Dinners are delivered chilled, but as a way to reduce waste, we do not deliver your dinner with cooler packs. Please leave some in your cooler bag!

Do you deliver a week's worth of dinners at once?

All of our dinners are delivered (or picked up) each day! This is because we cook each dinner fresh for you!

How does pick up work?

Pick up is available at our Acton location at 251 Arlington St in Acton, MA from 3:30pm-6:00pm.

Come say hi!

I ordered for pickup, but now unable to pickup before the 6:00pm window has ended. Now what?

Around 5:45pm, the pickup team will reach out via phone call or text if you haven’t yet picked up your dinner. In some cases, we’re able to hold dinners to be picked up the next day.

However, we have limited space for this so please try not to do it often!

I have a food allergy, can I still order from you?

We take allergens and food preferences super seriously—every time we release a menu, we include an allergy key so you can make informed requests for the week. Because of the way our kitchens are set up, there is the small chance of cross contamination with major allergens.

How do I alert WECO to my food allergens?

At the end of each dinner form there is a section to add any household food allergens. We recommend listing any your household may have, even if you are ordering dinners without your food allergens!

I need to make a change to my dinner request, how do I do that?

Any changes can be sent to us via email at [email protected]. We’re happy to make adjustments as long as we hear from you by 10:00am two days before dinner (so, for instance, by Saturday at 10:00am for Monday’s dinner).

These changes include: portion increases, portion decreases, cancellation, and switching from delivery to pick up (and vice versa).

I want to switch my request from delivery to pickup, or vice versa?

Just send us an email to [email protected] with your request by 10:00am two days before your dinner. We can almost always accommodate switches to pickup, and will always try our best to do the same with delivery.

Because our routes are planned in advance, please make all your change to delivery requests ASAP and we’ll try our best to accommodate!

Does dinner come cooked?

We save you time by prepping the food as much as possible before it enters your kitchen. BUT! To make sure the food is at its freshest and most delicious, we ask you to do a few final steps yourself. Reheating for a bit, dressing the salad, those type of things.

So make sure you budget about 15 minutes before you sit down to eat for final prep and plating. Reheating instructions come in your bag, and are always uploaded on our site the morning of your dinner if you want to check them out in advance.

What tools do I need to use WECO?

Depends on the day! For the mains, you’ll typically need access to an oven and/or stove top, and for bowls, starters and kids meals, a microwave. The drink mixes are non alcoholic, you’ll just need soda water or your alcohol of choice on hand!

How long do the meals last?

WECO is prepared fresh, so it will last a few days beyond when it’s delivered! If you see something you love that’s being prepared on a Monday, for instance, but won’t be able to eat it ’til Wednesday, that’s fine!

Can I eat WECO for lunch?

Yes please! 🙂 WECO dinners make great lunch leftovers, and many members of the WECO fam order our bowls and kids meals for lunch the next day!

Do you have gift cards?

We do! It would be an honor to cook for your friends and families. You can purchase a gift card here on our website. An automated code will be sent to your gift-ee, and when they’d like to order, they can apply the gift card on the payment portal page.

I want to send a dinner to a friend, how do I do that?

Place an order on your account as if you’re them, using their name and address when you reach the contact information section of the dinner form. Since you’re ordering under your account, the email address and dinner bill will be tied to you! Please feel free to leave a note with your dinner form so that we can reach out to the giftee to let them know WECO is coming their way 🙂

You can choose to leave your mobile number for text ETAs, or leave theirs so they directly receive that information.

Can I return my plastic deli containers to re-use?

We don’t currently accept packaging back for re-use, but we encourage you to reuse and recycle containers. We’re actively looking to source even more recyclable packaging—stay tuned!

Do you share your recipes?

Our recipes are made for batched quantities, so even if we did share them, they aren’t meant to be used for individuals, double, or even triple portioning! They do not scale down well so we don’t send them out. However, we will provide a list of the ingredients if you’d like.

Of course if you have a question about an ingredient you might be allergic or sensitive to, we’re happy to help—just email us at [email protected]

Do you cater?

Nope! Right now we are focusing our time on delicious daily dinners 🙂 But you can always order several quantities of our mains to serve your guests if you’d like!

Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious - Fresh. Local. Delicious

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