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Food is love. Gift some WECO love this holiday!!

WECO Menu 11/30-12/4

Next week’s menu is live, and it’s a banger. Also, we’re now offering a big-ass salad every day of the…

WECO Menu 11/23-11/27

Next week’s menuuu! If you haven’t, sign up for our newsletter on our website. The order form will be hitting…

WECO Menu 11/16-11/20

We got a couple WECO staples on the menu, like Taco Tuesday (woot woot) and some brand-new menu items we…

WECO Menu 11/9-11/13

SO we know you all probably want pulled pork sandwiches (trust me, I get it- that shit is gonna be…

WECO Menu 11/2-11/6

Tuesday is Election Day, which seemed like the perfect day to bring back BBQ. I think we are all a bit stressed out. We’re gonna need a little comfort food on Tuesday night! We also put some lighter options on this week, cause if you’re like us, you’re probably planning on eating a lot of candy this weekend 🎃The menu and order form will be in your inbox at 8pm tonight, so click that link in the bio to sign up if you haven’t yet. Oh, p.s. we are going live from Somerville this week!

WECO Menu 10/19-10/23

M | ROTINI AND VODKA SAUCE with sweet and hot sausage, charred tomato, broccoli rabe, smoked garlic, basil. whipped ricotta…

WECO Menu 10/12-10/16

Next week’s menu! You know the drill- find it in your inbox Friday at noon with the order form. If…

MENU for the Week of 10/5-10/9

Our first week with our own space calls for a V. special menu. These are a few of our favorite foods, styled out, just for you 🙂 A week with both ramen and burritos on the menu? Get in there!


Next week’s menu! Ordering opens at noon tomorrow. You should definitely get Friday. Also Monday. Oh and taco Tuesday. Or for sure Wednesday- Can’t say no to fried rice. But also pork loin with Carmel apple glaze on Thursday 🤤 shooooot, get em all!!

WECO Menu 9/21-9/25

Yeeeee! Next week’s menu looks soooo good. Ordering opens at noon Friday, make sure to sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t yet! We had to bring that BBQ back again! And if you haven’t tried our bavette, you should :) Also bringing back veg curry from week one which is still an all time fav of mine. OH and don’t get me started on harissa chicken breast and babaganoush 😳

WeCo Menu 9/14-9/18

Ordering opens Friday at noon! Full menu and kid’s meal listed on the first slide, but swipe for each day’s descriptions and allergy/dietary restrictions. Also, fun little anecdotes about the menus from me.
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