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CBS Boston | November 20, 2020

‘Little Kitchen Pandemic Project’ Now Booming Business For West Concord Couple

By Kate Merrill

WEST CONCORD (CBS) – WECO Hospitality, a dinner service that started at the beginning of the pandemic, is now a booming business that just keeps growing.

WECO is a nod to West Concord, where head chef Gavin Lambert is from.

Their brand new kitchen at WECO Acton is bustling and Lambert can hardly believe it.

“It just makes us feel special that everybody wants to try WECO, everybody wants to get our dinners and we want to give that to people,” he told WBZ-TV.

Lambert started WECO just 8 months ago with his partner Rachel Amiralian-Lambert out of their apartment after he lost his job as a chef during the start of the pandemic and they needed something to do.

“It started with our families, my mom and Rachel’s dad and some co-workers who lost their jobs and quickly spread like wildfire, someone told someone, and they told 5 people and two weeks in, we had way too many orders,” Lambert said.

WECO was created to help people feed their families during quarantine, cooking out of Woods Hill Table’s kitchen in Concord. But the demand was off the charts and the company exploded.

“I was like what is happening? This is the most amazing thing in the world. We never expected it, how to we keep up, what do we do?” said Rachel.Now WECO has two of its very own kitchens, 25 employees and a new business partner.

It seems this high end, very affordable dinner service was something people really liked and still wanted.

It’s a booming new business venture for the now newly married couple, never imaging that 2020 would be their best year yet.

“I was so honored and so grateful and so humbled and excited and blown away and didn’t expect it. We did not expect that our little kitchen pandemic project would turn into something where we have two locations and it’s just been a wild ride!” Rachel said.

They offer pick up or delivery five days a week and they are offering Thanksgiving sides as well.

To learn more or sign up go to their website and sign up for the news letter to learn how to get meals.

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