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Employee Well-being
Never Tasted Soooo Good!

Replace the last big stress of their day
with gourmet meals lovingly prepared by local chefs,
delivered To their Door!

Show them How Much You Care!

74% of employees say A Great Meal At Home is the
most rejuvenating non-work activity.

WECO hand delivers delicious
dinners Everyone will love!

In the new employee paradigm key contributors now have higher expectations of wellbeing and they expect their company to understand.

show You truly care!

Our chefs transform freshly sourced ingredients into delicious healthy dinners. Replace the last big stress of the day with a ready to heat-and-eat fresh dinner everyone can get excited about!

A Better Way

To Eat At Home!

Not a Meal Kit!
Ready To Heat & Eat

We deliver the daily reset your employees need through a freshly prepared gourmet meal made from as much love as nourishment!

No Subscriptions

No subscriptions or minimums!  Order what you want for the days you want – it’s always that simple.

Fresh Food Is Healthier

Your employees and you can feel good that they are engaging in a better and healthier local-food supply chain!

Show Employees You Care

Your key contributors expect you care about their career development, their lives and their wellbeing.  It’s more important today than ever to demonstrate that commitment.

Work / Life Balanced

By providing a benefit that can enhance and even elevate their lives away from work – you nourish their hearts, bodies and minds.

Discounts, Perks & Early Access

Your employees can receive discounts, perks, special previews and even early access to new and limited special batch items!

New Menus Every Week

Your employees get to choose from our wide range of locally-sourced delicious meals, with new additions every week!

Packed With Love

WECO’s mission is to deliver a dinner that is better in every way; more local, fresher, healthier, ethically sourced, more variety, less packaging, better tasting! So each dinner has our values baked right in!

41% Americans do not cook at home weekdays because of time constraints and stress. WECO answers the "What's for dinner"?! problem, liberating them to enjoy quality time at home rather than feeling more stressed! Time at home should be restful not fraught with more work!
Getting Started?
Super easy!

Find Out More

First thing first, find out how WECO can create a solution that’s just right for you.

Customize Your Solution

We’ll create a custom website to help explain what WECO offers and how it works. We then work with you to let folks know where they can sign-up and participate ongoing.

Wellbeing Delivered!

Your employees start receiving wonderful meals that please the whole family for the days they need them.  Their stress level at home goes down and they appreciate their employer for valuing them enough to lend a hand.

Solves Dinner!

Delivering you only the freshest

Healthy, freshly-made, & hand-crafted dinner is perfect way to show your colleagues you care!

Healthy & Wholesome

All our meals are made from authentic, hand-picked ingredients, with gluten, soy, dairy & nut free options, so they get the perfect meal for them!

Solving Food Waste

30–40% of food produced in the US is wasted each year. WECO operates a close-to-zero food waste environment because we order precisely the amount we need to serve our customers each day.

No Subscriptions

We don’t believe in subscriptions or bulk deliveries. Order as you like!

Sustainable For Chefs

WECO provides a healthy, positive work environment, fair hours and pay, and recognition for the chefs who work so hard to create great food. And we always will!

Giving Back

WECO donates dinners to local families directly & through hunger relief programs. We also donate to schools, teams, and community organizations in our neighborhoods because we all need to think and live more locally.

Local Produce

We surface and support local farmers, purveyors and artisans who you may never have heard of before because our commitment to sourcing as locally as possible guides every move we make!

What our customers say

Local. Healthy. Delicious - Local. Healthy. Delicious - Local. Healthy. Delicious - Local. Healthy. Delicious - Local. Healthy. Delicious - Local. Healthy. Delicious - Local. Healthy. Delicious. - Local. Healthy. Delicious.

Deliver Wellbeing To Their Doorstep!

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