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  • To get our menu and order dinner, enter your email above.
  • Every Thursday at 8:00pm, we send out the menu and order form link for that week via email.
  • Our menu does sell out most days, so get your order requests in quickly!
  • Once you fill out and submit the order form, you will receive an automated email reply, indicating that your form has been submitted.
  • If you make the list for the week, you will receive an email confirmation from us for each day you ordered around noon on Saturday. If you receive a confirmation email for a specific day, it means you are on the list! If you ordered for multiple days, you are only confirmed for the days for which you get a confirmation!
  • Want to eat this goodness? Then get on our list so you can order!


How do I pay?

On the day of your order, you will receive an email from Weco with the ingredients cost of the day’s meal cost. You decide what you think is fair to add for our overhead, rent, labor, and love! We encourage people to pay for their dinner after they have eaten, similar to how it works in a restaurant!

How much is my dinner?

Cost is calculated on the day of your dinner, based on the market price of all the ingredients used, labor, rent, utilities, and take out containers. Once the cost for the day is calculated, it will be posted in the payment portal, which you can access thru the email we send on the day of your order.

When you enter the secure payment portal on our website, you will have to select the number of meals you ordered, any add ons (like wine, eggs, coffee, etc), a delivery fee (if applicable), and the tip of your choice! Remember, we make 100% of our profit on tips!

This payment format runs on an honor system. Trust is important to us, and we trust everyone in the Weco family to pay for what they ordered. If we find that someone is deliberately underpaying (or worse, not paying at all), we will have to contact you and request payment, and your name will be added to the VID list (Very Important Don’t)! Only good vibes allowed.

Can I pay with cash or check?

While we would prefer all our payments to go through the portal available on our website, we do accept cash and check payments. If you are paying at the door for pickup, we accept cash or checks in envelopes marked with the name used for your order! If you order for delivery, you can leave an envelope taped to your door with “WECO” and the name used for your order written on the front.

Where do I go to pick up, or when will I receive my delivery?

Pickup is available from 4:30 – 5:30pm on the day of your order at Orange Door Kitchen in Acton (251 Arlington Street).

If you ordered for delivery, the delivery window is between 4:30-7pm. We post an approximated delivery schedule on our Instagram story based on the routes that we have created for the day, but we can’t guarantee a specific time for each individual delivery. If you know you want to have your dinner by 5pm at the latest, your best bet is to schedule your meal for pickup!

My town is scheduled for 5:00pm delivery, but it’s 5:30pm and I haven't received my dinner yet. What gives?!

The delivery estimates we post on Instagram are based on what time we will start making deliveries in that town. For example, if we have 12 stops in Concord, and we arrive to Concord at 5pm, We cannot make all 12 stops exactly at 5pm! The times posted are simply guidelines that let you know where we are along our route.

I only received a confirmation email for two out of three days I ordered for

Our goal is to serve as many people as possible every week! We do our best to accommodate everyone, but some days sell out faster than others! We cannot guarantee that you will be confirmed for all of the days you order for, but we will do our best to get you in!

I filled out the form, but didn’t get an automated reply email that my form has been submitted

This is most likely because you filled out your email incorrectly on the form. We ask that you please double check your email when you are filling out the order form!

Does the automated reply email confirm my orders?

No, your orders are confirmed manually by Rachel and Gavin. The automated reply email from the form simply informs you that your order has been submitted, but not confirmed. Confirmation emails will go out to everyone who makes the list by 5pm on Monday.

I ordered between 12 - 1pm on Friday, but didn’t get in. Am I on the waitlist?

Yes! Due to the “feeding frenzy” we seem to have created, we sell out very quickly. However, don’t hesitate to place an order, even if you think you are too late! You still might get in, or you will make the waitlist for next week and be guaranteed a meal of your choice.

I want to switch my order from delivery to pickup, or vice versa

If you would like to change how you will receive your order, please send us an email with your name and the date of your order in the subject line, and we will facilitate the switch! The more notice, the better! Hard to pull an audible when packing and delivering food for 300 people a day!

I ordered for pickup, but was unable to come get my dinner! Now what?

Any meals not picked up will be refrigerated and available for pickup the next day. If you are unable to pick up your meal at all, you are still responsible for paying for it!

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