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Grass-finished beef is the only way


If you know us (and you do, so hi), you know that we only source the highest quality ingredients, and make ‘em as local as possible. That especially includes our beef. It’s 100% grass-finished. That means it’s pasture-raised on grass alone, no grain, leading to leaner muscle. The beef most of us grew up on that’s sold widely throughout America grew up is grain-fed (which is not good for many reasons we won’t go into here… just trust us), so making the switch to grass-finished can feel new and different! Just know that when you’re eating these delicious cuts of meat, you’re contributing to a more sustainable and humane ecosystem. So remember: slightly leaner and earthier does not mean bad—it actually means you’re eating beef from a cow that was nourished and treated well. Thanks for being part of the solution when it comes to beef consumption!

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