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Hey Detroit! We’ve got some BIG news

Traffic Jam is teaming up with WECO Hospitality, a Boston based dinner delivery service. We’ll be running a WECO pop-up to bring freshly prepared and of course delicious dinners, to Detroit area families and individuals!
Here are a few things to know about WECO:
  • Your WECO dinner will be freshly prepared every day. Ingredients are delivered to us the same day your dinner hits your door- so that means your dinner is freshly cooked! Dinners come fully cooked and with quick reheating instructions.
  • Menus for the following week are published on Thursday at 4:30 PM. To get the menu and request dinners, sign up for the email list at Get your request in FAST because menus sell out in as little as five minutes.
  • WECO dinners are family-style and designed to be eaten around the table. Rather than bringing home pizza for the family or roommates and everyone grabs a slice and escapes to their room, tv, or back to their desk, get your family around the dinner table!
  • WECO cares about the environment. They source proteins from ethical purveyors, honor the farmers who grow their produce, and have minimal food waste because they’ve created a system that enables them to cook only food they will use each day.
  • WECO’s trust-based, flexible pricing model is unique in the meal delivery industry. Each dinner’s price only covers the cost of the fresh, local ingredients used to prepare them, and range from $7 – $12 per person. In addition to the ingredient cost, diners are asked to contribute what they think is fair for the team’s overhead, labor, and love. Questions about payment can be emailed to The WECO team is prompt to reply and provide guidance.
Now that you know a little bit more about WECO, sign up for the email list at to get the menu and dinner request form in your inbox! The menu will go out on January 14 and the first deliveries will be on January 18!
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