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Edible Boston | Holiday Leftovers: Reduce Food Waste and Repurpose!

The holidays are wonderful for many reasons. It’s a time to break away from our normal day-to-day lives, kick back with a favorite cocktail and celebrate with our loved ones. There are only a few days out of the year that provide us the excuse to be gluttonous, to eat with abandon with zero shame attached. However, we can be mindful in our merriment and considerate of the waste we create with all these festive feasts.

After the joyous parties and dinners where the champagne flows and we stuff our faces to our hearts’ content, we find ourselves in the days that follow with this annual conundrum—there’s a surplus of food but we’re so OVER it. Who wants Christmas dinner…again and again?

Unable to bear the thought of leftover rib roast or honey glazed ham for the third or fourth time, overdosed on mashed potatoes, braised Brussels and all sorts of casseroles, you find yourself with a fridge full of food and no idea what to eat.

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