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Asparagus + Smoked Salmon Salad

Of all the kitchen devices we wish the kitchen gods above could create, it would be an automatic countertop crunchies dispenser. Wouldn’t that be the absolute BEST? Your crunchies (as Chef Matt calls them)—the capers, almonds + shallots—add the perfect savory bite to your salad (and TBH go well on anything from avocado toast to mac + cheese…) which is why we need them STAT in a little countertop sprinkles dispenser. Those paired with the smoked salmon are the power combo you didn’t know you needed… until now! 🙂

Total prep time: 2 minutes

What’s in your bag:

  • Romaine + asparagus
  • Pickled red onion, egg and capers, almonds + shallots 
  • Lemon dill vinaigrette 
  • Smoked salmon

What you’ll need from home:

  • Bowl
  • A little S+P
  • Cutting board + knife

How to prep:

  1. Grab your romaine, asparagus, and smoked salmon and move them to a cutting board. Chop everything to your desired size! 
  2. Plop it all in a bowl. 
  3. Top with your egg, pickled red onion, and crunchies. 
  4. Drizzle on your vinaigrette. Season to taste and toss!

That’s it! #Dinnersolved, dinner served.

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