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Baja Shrimp Tacos

These eats… let’s taco bout ‘em. (BADUM TSS)

Chef Matt almost didn’t let us leave that knee slapper there, but we simply couldn’t deprive you of a little taco humor. Hopefully you’re ready as heck for some handheld taco time, cus WE ARE. Forks? Who needs ‘em. Okay, maybe for the rice. But the rest is all fair game to be packed into your corn tortillas. Seriously, everything. Citrus-poached shrimpies, mango salsa, your slaw, pickled red onion and a leeeeeetle squeeze of that lime. We’re partial to a light schmear of the mayo on the interior of your tortilla, but do whatever you gotta do, boss. Your favorite hot sauce collected from that highway-side gas station last summer? Perhaps a necessary final touch.  

What’s in your bag:

– Citrus-poached shrimp with guajillo-agave glaze

– Cilantro-lime rice

– Crunchy Napa cabbage slaw

– Pineapple-chipotle mayo

– 4 corn tortillas

– Fresh mango salsa 

– Pickled red onions & lime

What you’ll need from home:

– Saute pan

– Microwave-safe bowl

– Mixing bowl

Total prep time: 10 minutes

The Shrimp 

  1. Heat the shrimp in a saute pan with a tablespoon of water over medium for about 2-3 minutes or until warmed through.

The Rice

  1. Scoop the rice into a microwave-safe bowl. 
  2. Cover with a damp paper towel and heat for 2-3 minutes.

The Slaw

  1. Mix the slaw and the pineapple-chipotle mayo in a bowl. No need to overdo the mayo, start light. 
  2. Season with S&P. Mix, mix, mix, and mix some more.

The Tortillas

  1. Warm ‘em up! You can heat them over an open flame for 5-10 seconds per side, on a nonstick pan, or put them in the oven for 1 min or so. Whatever you choose, just make sure to wrap them in a kitchen towel until you’re ready to serve so that they steam a little and stay pliable!

Okay, ready to assemble your tacos? Good! Start with a tortilla and layer it with shrimp, mango salsa and onion. The slaw is up to you: On the tacos or on the side. Spoon some rice next to your tacos, spritz some lime over everything, and voila! Taco time! 

That’s it! #Dinnersolved, dinner served. 

Show us how you WECO! 

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