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Bangin’ Chicken


Reheating time: 7-10 minutes

Thanks for ordering!

I feel like half of what we do is sales. The hardest part is getting you fine folks to order dinner every week, and that requires some careful wording. We’ve experimented with different descriptive factors and combinations, and to be honest, we have no idea what works and what doesn’t. To be fair, we haven’t really had a problem with people not ordering, which is great- but, it’s always interesting to think about the psychology behind menus, and what makes them attractive. Last week, we couldn’t do this dinner because of the freaking snow. I’m so sick of it. Going to make deliveries a pain today… maybe bangin’ chicken is cursed… anyway, we did it in Detroit, and the feedback was so amazing that we had to try again. For tonight’s dinner, we strayed away from a name or an association, and simply called it like it is. Awesome roasted chicken tossed in sweet + spicy sauce with veggies and crushed peanuts, soy caramel glazed broccoli, and fluffy jasmine rice. Simple, and delicious. Hopefully it can provide the flavor and spice you need to carry you through these mid-week snowy blues. I know I need it! Get in there.

For the chicken:

Best way to reheat this is to fry it quickly in a pan to caramelize lightly and heat through. Get a large wok or nonstick pan hot over high heat. Add just a splash of oil to coat the pan, and scoop the chicken in. Stir it around so it fries, and then let it sear for a second. Give it a few tosses, and once everything is hot, set it aside till you’re ready to plate! 

For the broccoli:

This is such a beautiful and simple way to enjoy broccoli. Almost as good as when you were a kid, and pretending to be a giant eating tiny trees. I don’t think anything will compare to that broccoli experience, but this is certainly close. To reheat, set your oven to low broil. On a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil, arrange the broccoli into an even layer, and broil for 2-3 minutes until lightly charred on one side. Flip them over and repeat! 

For the rice:

Microwave works… I guess… I hate the microwave, but people like it? You can microwave the rice in the deli container, or you can fry it in a pan like I would. Honestly I’d just use the same pan that you used for the chicken- pop the rice in there, break up any big clumps, and toast the rice with a bit of oil or butter until it’s nice and hot!

To plate:

Rice is the magical vessel for tonight’s dinner. Start with a bed of rice, pile the broccoli on the side, and top it all off with that bangin chicken. Enjoy!

That’s it! Simple and delicious. Don’t forget to take a nice photo of your plated dinner and share it with us on social media!

Dinner is served, and solved.


Thanks for ordering!

This week, continuing with our trend of choosing a non-kitchen employee to design a bowl, we have Lyca’s Lotus Bowl! This is a fun eclectic mix of textures and flavors, all revolving around the magical lotus root. The lotus plant (which by the way is 100% edible- good to know if you find yourself stranded in a swamp someday) has some pretty awesome health benefits. The large amount of vitamins and minerals it contains include Vitamin B, Vitamin C, iron, potassium, copper, thiamin, and zinc, among others. It is also a good source of protein and dietary fiber. With Vitamin C being the most prominent element of nutrition in the lotus root, it goes a long way towards improving and strengthening the immune system. It also serves to neutralize free radicals, resulting in stronger organs, skin, and blood vessels. It’s also a great source of Vitamin B. Vitamin B contains pyridoxine, which helps to improve your mood and relax your mind. It even helps to reduce headaches, and serves to lower stress. It’s another reason the lotus flower is associated with peace and tranquility. Pyridoxine also helps to lessen the risk of a heart attack and improve heart health overall. So, prepare for the attack of the health foods- surrender yourself to peace and tranquility! Enjoy this bowl cold- simply dress everything with the ginger-miso dressing, and enjoy 🙂

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