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BBB Salad

Reheating BBB Salad!

Once again, we find ourselves in a pretty interesting situation. Here I am, writing the reheating instructions, for a salad. For the lack of a better title for this little half piece of paper, we’re just going to stick with reheating instructions. However, let me first say that this salad in no way is meant to be reheated! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the salad a bit. BBB salad stands for boston bibb and butter lettuces. These leaves are some of our favorites- sweet and bitter, crunchy and soft, the perfect balance of textures. We’ve also got a nice oven-dried tomato- summer’s bounty, concentrated and seasoned to perfection. Parmesan crisps, smoked almonds, and crunchy shaved veggies bring a whole different level of texture and dimension, and finally, a creamy dill + caper vinaigrette brings it all together. Super simple instructions for this one. Dress it all up, give it a light season with s+p, and enjoy! Easy 🙂


If you got lemon + dill chicken salad:

Again, the whole “reheating” situation applies here as well. Chicken salad is a dish best served cold, so definitely don’t heat this up. Shredded chicken breast, tossed in a light and balanced aioli, sounds sooooooooo good right now. Especially on top of a salad, and especially when that salad is the BBB salad. It’s truly a match made in salad heaven. Simply scoop the chicken salad onto the BBB salad, and dress/season as instructed. Summer in a bowl! Enjoy!


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