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BBQ Chicken

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

You may have had BBQ chicken from WECO before, but I guarantee that you’ve never had it like this. Hang on, I just need to say something really quick. I spelled guarantee right, on the first try, without needing to use autocorrect. 26 years I have been plagued by this word. What a monumental achievement for me. I think I’m done, I think I can call it- nothing else in my life will ever compare to this moment. I am retiring. Thank you all so much for your support. I couldn’t have done this without you! While I’m here, I may as well finish up the reheating instructions… Where was I… oh right, talking about the chicken. We’ve done BBQ chicken before, in the shape of a half bird slathered in bourbon BBQ sauce. Well, it’s basically summer- which means that roasted chicken isn’t really the play anymore, unless it’s got a beer can stuffed in it, and it’s sitting on your grill. I don’t think we could fit a whole chicken in any of our to go boxes, so that’s out of the question. So, here we are, bringing you pulled chicken with carolina gold BBQ sauce and caramelized onions and peppers. It’s the real deal. I don’t even know what else to say besides it’s the real deal. Really freaking good. What else? Broccoli slaw with buttermilk ranch dressing. Enough said. Roasted potato + black bean salad. Unreal. And cornbread. Ugh. I’m hungry. Hey, anyone want to share? I’ll bring the beer. Just let me know. Brownie points if you have a pool. 

Get in there!

For the chicken:

Honestly, the best way to heat the BBQ chicken up is in the oven, baked or broiled, in a casserole dish or sheet tray. I know that takes kind of a while for some of you, because your ovens are powered by tiny little gnomes that are really hard to get to cooperate. Sometimes those guys take like 10 minutes to start building the extremely small fire that warms your oven. I have a trick- bribe them with the idea of going to Six Flags- gnomes love Six Flags. I have no idea why… they are too short for any of the rides… But anyway, tell the gnomes you’ll take them to six flags. They’ll be pumped. But, keep in mind, you’ll actually have to take them if you ever want to use your oven again. Just saying. 

Bake or broil the chicken until it’s nice and hot. That’s all!

For the broccoli slaw:

Fortunately, no gnomes are required to prepare the broccoli slaw. They did all their work in our kitchens, preparing the slaw for you. This weekend, we’re sending them off to six flags, so if you were planning on going, probably don’t. The place will be overrun by gnomes. 

Season the slaw with salt, and toss it up. Sauce it up with the buttermilk ranch, and toss toss toss! Give a taste to check your seasoning, and you’re ready to go!

For the potato salad:

Cold is best, but you can bake/broil with the chicken if hot potatoes are kinda your thing. Dive in cold, or blast off in the oven. Up to you!

For the cornbread:

Definitely griddle with butter. Hot cornbread. Buttery cornbread. Delicious.

That’s it! Have a great weekend 🙂 #weareweco #dinnersolved

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