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BBQ kits!


Reheating time- 15-20 minutes

Welcome! Happy long weekend everyone. You are about to embark on a wonderful BBQ adventure. We are so excited to have you here. It seems like you went with the oven-ready kit- not a bad call, considering the forecast this weekend. Nothing better than sitting inside, watching torrential thunderstorm downpours of rain, and salivating over the smells coming from your oven. We’ve made it really easy for you tonight. Literally everything is ready to go directly in the oven. With the exception of the cornbread, which needs to get unwrapped, and would probably do better if it was griddled or toasted as opposed to simply baked. But I’ll get to that later. Preheat your oven to 375F, and get ready for the easiest night of tasty eats in your life!


For the pulled pork:

There’s a little ramekin of extra BBQ sauce in the container with the pork, just because we like you guys, and the pork will benefit from having a drizzle of fresh sauce on top once it’s nice and hot. So, pop the plastic lid off the container, remove the ramekin, and place the pulled pork container in the oven. Boom. Done. Now you just have to wait. Once it’s nice and hot, about 15-20 minutes later, drizzle the extra BBQ sauce on top, and dig right in! Easy, breezy, beautiful, pulled pork. 

For the broccoli casserole, mac + cheese, and sweet potatoes:

Like the pork, extremely easy. Just remove the plastic lids, and pop them in the oven. I would recommend placing them on a sheet tray before loading them into the oven, just for ease of entry/removal- and also the broccoli casserole containers are not as sturdy as we would like them to be, so we want to avoid any possible structural integrity failures. Onto a tray, into the oven, for about 15-20 minutes. Breadcrumbs and cheese should be golden brown, things are gonna smell really really good, and once everything is nice and hot, you’re good to go! Pull them out, grab some spoons, and plate it up. Or, just go right at it out of the containers 🙂

For the cornbread:

We’ve done this cornbread a lot. It’s a really good recipe. It took us some tweaking, but we finally figured it out. Griddle it in a pan with some butter, or just toast it up. Warm cornbread is the way to go!


That’s it! Make yourself a plate, and enjoy the long weekend 🙂

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