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Beef Pot Roast


Reheating time: 7-12 minutes

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Mmmmmmm… pot roast… The ultimate winter feast. Braised beef warms your body and soul. I find that the longer something is cooked, the more warmth and comfort it provides. This is good news for you guys, because tonight’s beef has been braised for hours to bring it to it’s shreddy final form. Weather has been happening, specifically cold weather… which is just GREAT on so many levels… but the good news is, you can warm up your kitchen tonight with some amazing WECO smells and flavors 🙂 pastrami spiced pot roast in white wine and dijon gravy is helped along by some rustic red potato mash and blistered green beans. Classic, calm, cool, and collected. This one just does the trick. Get in there 🙂

For the beef:

We portioned this into chunks before braising, and left them whole to make our lives easier when portioning, and your lives easier when reheating 🙂 Basically, we want to chop or shred the braised beef, and warm it in the gravy. First, either dice or shred the beef into a small sauce pot. Empty the contents of the white wine + dijon gravy over the beef, add a splash or two of water, and turn the heat to medium. The water will prevent the gravy from reducing and getting too tight while the beef heats up. Warm the beef over medium heat, stirring frequently, until it begins to simmer and steam. Then, pop a lid on it and let it carry the rest of the way over low low heat. Leave it covered while you warm up everything else!

For the red potato mash and green beans:

Call me unconventional (definitely wouldn’t be the first time, especially when it comes to food…!), but I really like broiled mashed potatoes. People usually think mashed potatoes have to be creamy and smooth, but I disagree. Texture is so important, and that’s why we like chunky mashed potatoes. Also, they broil better. On a sheet tray lined with aluminum, lay out the potatoes in an even layer, leaving some space on the tray for the green beans. They will be added later. With the broiler on high, pop the potatoes under there for 3-4 minutes or until they begin to get some color on top. Once they start to caramelize, pull out the tray, and mix em up! Pop the green beans on the other half of the tray, and return to the broiler for another 3-4 minutes. Once everything is hot, it’s time! Times may take longer depending on your broiler situation. We just moved, and our new broiler stinks. Which is a bummer. 

To plate:

Easy peasy. Make a nice mashed potato castle in the middle of your plate, leaving a nice dimple in the top to catch all the gravy. Stack the beans right on the side there, and scoop the beef and gravy onto the mashed potato castle. Drizzle any extra gravy all over the top, and give it a fresh whack of black pepper on top. 

That’s it! Hope you enjoy your dinner. Stay warm, stay safe, and as always, spread love 🙂 Dinner is served, and solved. #weareweco


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A wedge salad is basically just an excuse to eat a bunch of tasty things all in one shot, with some lettuce so that it feels and eats like a salad. But, if you ask us, this feels and eats more like a freaking veggie steak. So much going on here. Packed with protein and veggies, this salad is no joke- we got crispy bacon, blue cheese, chopped egg, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and buttermilk ranch dressing… It’s a truly wonderful thing. I don’t even like blue cheese, but I will make an exception here because the combo with the bacon and the ranch is unstoppable. To enjoy the salad, you just need to get ready to make a mess. I’d probably just put everything is a big bowl, drizzle the buttermilk ranch all over the lettuce, and cut it into big chunks with a knife. Then, mix everything together, give it a season with salt and pepper, and enjoy 🙂

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