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Beef Stroganoff

You may have noticed, but we try not to repeat things on our menus. It would be really easy to just do the same things every month, with some rotation- but where’s the fun in that? Besides, for some reason, we have to make everything around here as difficult as possible- that’s just how you get better. Tonight’s dinner is one that we nailed the first time, but if you ask me, it’s even better today. We did a few things differently, like giving you fresh noodles instead of cooked ones, and we tweaked the recipe for the stroganoff a bit… spoiler alert- it’s way better. Braised grass-fed beef is a thing of beauty on its own, but that creamy mushroom gravy is next level. Get in there!

For the beef stroganoff:

You’ll probably need to thin this out a bit- we made it extra thick so the flavors are super concentrated, and the texture is velvety and smooth. Bring a few splashes of water to a timer in a small saucepot, and then add the stroganoff. The hot water will help to thin the sauce, so keep stirring until steam rises and the sauce is bubbling slightly. Add more water to think it out, or cook it down a bit more if it’s too loose. 

For the egg noodles:

These lovely bundles of eggy goodness cook in 1-2 minutes- which is awesome. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil, drop the noodles in, and set your timer! Once it goes off, strain out the noodles, and drop them into the stroganoff. Mix it all up, and set it aside till you’re ready to plate.

For the broccoli rabe:

This one wants to be broiled! Set your broiler to high, lay out the rabe on a sheet tray lined with tinfoil, and broil for 4-6 minutes, flipping halfway.   

For the potatoes:

Best way to reheat these is to smash them with something flat, and fry them in a cast iron or nonstick pan. Add some butter or oil, but not too much- the garlic herb butter will melt off in the pan as well. Give them some color, and season with a few cracks of black pepper.

To plate:

Go nuts! I’d start with potatoes and rabe, and just pile the stroganoff right on top. But I literally eat out of stainless steel mixing bowls, so maybe you’re a bit classier than me. Make it nice, WECO fam!

If you got a big-ass salad:

Congratulations! You have won the salad game. Roasted chicken, cranberries, pepitas, and best of all, that chia seed dressing… This is the salad to rule all salads. Dress it up, give it a quick season, and dive on in!

Dinner solved, dinner served.

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