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Bibb Salad

Thanks for ordering!

If you know me, you know that I hate naming things. I wish that we could just rattle off a list of ingredients every Thursday, and you all could just order whatever sounds good. Unfortunately, we need titles, and descriptions. And how we describe or name things definitely determines how many people will order something. Which sucks cause sometimes I completely whiff on the title or name of something, and people are like “what is that??” Fortunately, most of y’all still try it. And for that, I am grateful. Tonight’s salad is pretty funny. Bibb salad. Cara asked if they would need a bib to eat it with, and funnily enough, you might. This is a saucy salad. Between the creamy caper dressing and the oven roasted tomato, you may need some protection. I love this salad because it requires a fork and knife to eat. You gotta cut up the lettuce. We didn’t do that for you on purpose. Something very gratifying about cutting into buttery lettuce. To prepare your salads, simply toss everything in a bowl (smash that tomato up!) and dress it with the creamy caper dressing. Give it a season with some salt and pepper, and enjoy!

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