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Braised Short Ribs

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

I learned something today! Funny story, actually. I think we’ve done braised short rib six or seven times over the past year, but tonight is our first time using Joyce Farms grass fed beef short ribs 🙂 We’re super happy to be able to bring you this amazing quality product- not only because it’s delicious, but because the story is all about beef that you can feel better about eating. Look them up! However, I learned that things are a little different down there in North Carolina! Boneless short rib in New England is not the same thing that it is down south! In New England, the “boneless short rib” is actually two things- the short rib muscle, and the “denver” flat. Same subprimal, both coming from the chuck- but up here, we keep the two muscle groups together, and sell it as one thing: boneless short rib. Not in North Carolina! After a confusing call with my sales rep, and a back and forth with Joyce Farms, we realized that the boneless short rib that we got was just that- boneless short rib, without the denver flat attached! Confused, but still optimistic, we broke down these short ribs and braised them as usual- and boy are they good. After poaching some veggies in the beef brodo, turning that brodo into spring onion + morel mushroom jus, and whipping up a lovely ancient grains salad with charred scallion vinaigrette, the last thing we were worried about was a thin piece of tender, fresh and flavorful grass-fed short rib. So, prepare to experience the cut as Joyce Farms intended you to!Get in there!

For the beef + veggies:

In a large cast iron pan or other stove/oven safe vessel, warm the morel mushroom juice over medium heat until it’s fluid and hot. Add the pieces of short rib to the pan, leaving some space for the poached veggies. Toss the poached veggies in there, and spread everything out in an even layer. Pop the whole thing in the oven at 375F for 10 minutes, checking halfway, until everything is nice and hot. If you’re impatient or really hungry, you can always microwave the short ribs for a few minutes before putting them in the oven to speed up the process. Once everything is nice and hot, pull the pan out of the oven and set it over low heat, to bring the jus to a simmer. It’s important that the shortribs be warmed up completely for them to be nice and tender, so don’t rush this part (or just microwave them, as I said). Slowly spoon the spring onion and morel mushroom jus over the shortribs and veggies, and keep the pan on a low simmer till you’re ready to eat! 

For the ancient grains salad:

This salad was fully intended to be eaten cold- however, it’s raining and cold outside, and maybe you don’t want cold grains. That’s totally fine, and I’ve got a solution for you. If you’re cool with cold, just dress the grains with the charred scallion vinaigrette in a large bowl, and plate them up! 

If you want a hot grain situation, here’s the plan: bake with the beef and poached veggies, or just pop the grains in the microwave for a minute or two! Simple as that. Don’t forget to dress them up with the charred scallion vinaigrette 🙂

That’s it!

Make yourself a big ol’ plate, and enjoy! 

Dinner is served, and solved. #weareweco

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