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Brassica Noodle Bowls!

With the resounding success of our udon noodle salad, we wanted to create something that mimicked the flavors and textures, but was also gluten free- so it could be enjoyed by all. The result?  Lovely medley of charred baby brassicas, spring veggies, tender rice noodles, and a charred nori vinaigrette to rule all other vinaigrettes. This dressing is delicious. Lightly smoky, acidic, sweet, nutty from the heaping quantities of sesame seeds, and perfect for this application. I don’t really know what else to say about it, besides it’s really freaking good, and you should be eating it RIGHT NOW. So, to prepare, simply dress everything in a big mixing bowl, and dive right in. We recommend that you enjoy this salad/bowl/whatever cold, but if you’d like to heat it up, feel free. Just remove the ramekin of dressing, and pop it in the microwave until it’s warm enough. Alternatively, you could fry the whole thing in a pan. I haven’t tried that, but I’m sure it will be delicious. Hot or cold, the dressing makes all the magic happen. Enjoy!


If you got sichuan braised beef:

Nothing goes with noodles like warm, aromatic braised beef. This one’s got all the spices, aromatics, and seasoning that we love, in one cute little beefy package. Either pan-fry the beef in a little bit of oil or butter (gets it nice and crispy, and that texture is bomb), or just microwave it till hot. Once it’s hot, fold it into the noodles before drizzling over the dressing. That’s it!


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