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Broccoli Pesto Bowl

Reheating Broccoli Pesto Bowl!

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

You spoke, and we listened. More broccoli, more pesto, more of it all together in a bowl. Well, you may not have actually said specifically that, but I like to think that every menu we design incorporates the majority of our crowdsourced feedback into a cohesive and collaborative arrangement of tasty eats. Y’all like broccoli, that much is for sure. You also like pesto, especially when it’s made from basil, parmesan, and arugula. And finally, the gluten free bowls are a big hit- so we’ve got all three of those criteria in one fantastic little package tonight. Steamed brown rice serves as the base for this veggie exploration, and atop the rice is garlicky roasted broccoli and green beans, a little fresh mozzarella + cherry tomato caprese salad, some applefield farms arugula in there for a bit of spicy crunch, and finally, the parmesan and basil pesto for dressing it all up. It’s truly everything you could possibly want, all in one bowl. Clean, fresh, and delicious. Not to mention, packed with nutrients and protein. A true winner, if i’ve ever seen one. 

We would recommend eating this bowl cold, as the textures and flavors really pop without the application of heat. However, you are always free to microwave the bowl (or quite frankly, do whatever you want to it). Personal opinion, no need to do anything to it. Just dollop some of that addictive pesto on there, mix it all up, and enjoy!

If you got a parmesan chicken cutlet:

Good call. These cutlets have been breaded, crisped up, and lightly baked- and are ready to be reheated, sliced, and layered on top of your bowl. To do so, I recommend the toaster oven. Fast, direct heat, applied evenly to all sides, will return the chicken cutlet to its crispy glory, and warm it through. In the toaster oven, just toast the chicken cutlet like you would a piece of bread. Once it’s hot, slice it up, and plate it on top of your bowl. Easy peasy. You can also microwave (strongly not recommended), or crisp it up under the broiler. The broiler is basically just a big toaster oven. Direct heat, evenly applied to each side, and getting everything nice and hot. That’s the ticket!

Enjoy 🙂

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