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Broccoli + Quinoa Pesto Bowl

Hello! Happy Friday!

The return is here! The broccoli + quinoa bowl is back. It’s better than ever too. This is one of our most popular second options, and for good reason. There’s something about broccoli and quinoa that works so well together. I think it’s the fact that the quinoa seems to stick like velcro to the broccoli florets. It’s truly a match made for your enjoyment. This beautiful bowl comes with some serious flavor bombs, too. It’s not just broccoli, it’s cauliflower too. Double whammy. Also, roasted red peppers, shaved summer squash, and candied sunflower seeds. These toppings take everything to the next level with flavors and textures. Last but not least, our famous roasted shallot + balsamic vinaigrette. Nothing like a sweet and tangy dressing to mix everything up with. It’s the real deal. We’re so excited! Are you? You should be. So, here’s the deal. You can totally warm this up (microwave for a few minutes), but we recommend eating it cold. Just dress it up with the vinaigrette, and go crazy! Enjoy!


If you got prosciutto + burrata:

This is our first time offering something like this for a second option add-on, and we hope you enjoy it! In my personal opinion, it’s some serious next level sh*t right here. The broccoli + quinoa bowl is already one of our favorites, but add some prosciutto + burrata on top, and you’ve got a serious issue here- too delicious. Overwhelming flavor. It’s the real deal. Don’t reheat the burrata + prosciutto, just pop them right on top of the bowl. Drizzle dressing, and dive in!


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