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Broccoli Soup

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Broccoli and green garlic soup! To be honest, this is the first broccoli soup I have ever tried and then said “damn, that’s good”. Most of the others have been cheesy, creamy gut bombs- and a little internet searching backed up that statement. Sometimes I’ll troll Pintrest or other sites to see what people expect certain things to look like, and see how much my vision contrasts with the expected reality. Everything I found on broccoli soup was honestly kind of off putting. They all were like, yellow. Like it looked like someone made a mornay sauce, added some roasted broccoli to it, and called it soup. That’s not soup. That’s like, mac and cheese sauce, without the pasta. And people commonly accept broccoli and cheddar soup as a roux-thickened, 50% cheese fat frenzy. Not today! This soup is clean, fresh, and like, pure veggies. Green garlic, fennel, onion, kale, parsley, and broccoli. A veg stock made with all the scraps of these veggies, a touch of sour cream right at the end, and that’s it. Soup should be simple. We’ve given you a crouton situation made from english muffins (an ode to childhood nostalgia), and a roasted red pepper creme fraiche, in case you want the soup a little more roasty and rich. Which you probably will. To reheat: warm the soup in a small saucepot over medium meat on the stove, till it begins to simmer and steam lightly. Don’t boil it! Microwaving in a bowl works fine too. I recommend toasting the croutons, but you don’t have to. Top with a dollop of creme fraiche, and enjoy!

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