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Broccoli + Tofu Burrito Bowl

What the heck is a burrito bowl? We have no idea. Our explanation is simple- these are all things that you would probably normally eat with a burrito, or in a burrito, or around a tortilla, or maybe they are just things that you think about while you are eating burritos. Which makes it a burrito bowl. And that’s a really good thing, because everything in this bowl tonight is absolutely delicious. No argument there. The name might be silly, but the actual contents are NOT. We’ve got adobo-roasted broccoli and tofu—a healthy way to get your protein in! Tofu is a superfood. Super versatile, super fun to eat, and super fun to say. Tofu. It’s the best! Roasted broccoli, because roasted broccoli. It’s just that simple. Black beans, chili-roasted corn, saffron rice, these are all great things too. The whole bowl is really a wonderful little adventure. But, it gets better still! Yes, it does! Why? PICO DE GALLO! The fresh fun sister of a blended salsa, this one’s ready to be sprinkled all over this taco bowl. And, we’ve got regular salsa too. Of the roasted tomatillo variety. Why are you still reading this? You should already be devouring the taco bowl. So, how do you do it?  Simple! Remove the ramekins of pico and salsa, and microwave the bowl for 2-3 minutes till it’s hot. Cover with pico and salsa, and get in there!!!!


If you got shredded spiced beef!

We’re impressed with your choice.  We would have gotten it too. This bowl was great on it’s own, but better with beef.  Shredded, spiced beef.  Two options to heat.  The ideal is to use the oven.  Pop it in a casserole dish in a 350°F oven uncovered for 10-12 minutes – some of the ends and pieces will crisp up, but those little crispies will make the dish.  The quickest is to just scatter the beef on top of the bowl before you microwave. It’s all good! 

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