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Buffalo Wings

Thanks for ordering!

Last week, I asked if wings were a good idea, or a bad idea. None of you chimed in, which I’m assuming is a good thing. That probably means you were busy enjoying the wings. Which was the idea. My dad used to say “wow, it’s awful quiet over there” after setting down dinner at the table- not only because he was making subtle hints at desiring a “thanks dad” or some other form of gratitude, but also because he is a great cook- and my siblings and I usually instantly fell over whatever he set in front of us, and devoured it in silence. Because of this, I always notice silence after serving someone dinner. It’s a bit harder when we are serving you all virtually, because I can’t peer out of the kitchen to check on your table like I used to, but that’s just the world we live in now. Hopefully, the lack of feedback on some of these things are a good sign. To reheat the wings, broil them on a sheet tray lined with foil for 3-5 minutes, turning them over halfway through. We want to render them and get some color! Once they are hot, transfer them to your desired serving plate, and make sure to keep that blue cheese ranch close by. You’re gonna want it 🙂

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