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Burrata Bowls

Burrata bowls!!!

Last time we did this bowl on a WECO menu, we were complaining about the heat. Well, ready for more complaining?  Now it’s too cold. And too rainy. And too dark. Feels like the pacific northwest up in here. 

But hey, it’s not all bad. At least there’s burrata. Interestingly enough, that’s kind of my mantra for when things are rough- well, at least there’s an amazing cream-filled cheese ball somewhere in the world that I can eat. I’m lactose intolerant- but that doesn’t stop me. Sometimes you just gotta power through it. The burrata is worth it. We’ve nested it atop a bed of gold quinoa, with shaved and roasted spring veggies, and given you our favorite basil and arugula pesto for all the smothering. The pesto, made with organic olive oil, may solidify when cold- but it also might not. You never know with this oil. If it’s hard, just give it a nice warm water bath until it turns semi fluid again. Or, put it in my house for like 2 seconds. That will do it. Dollop that pesto all over everything, slice open the amazing cheesy ball of goodness, make a huge mess, mix everything up, eat it with your hands, whatever. Just enjoy it. Revel in it. Become the burrata. 

Note: due to some fluctuations in product availability, we were not able to source the greens for this bowl from Applefield farm, contrary to what was advertised on the menu. They are still delicious greens, however! Just had to let you all know 🙂 Thanks!

If you got a garlic + herb chicken breast:

Good choice! Nothing like a little protein on a cool rainy evening. To reheat the chicken breast, broil it on a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil for 5-8 minutes, on low, until the skin is crispy and the chicken is nice and hot all the way through. Let it rest, then slice into thick medallions. Plate it up on top of the burrata bowl, apply pesto liberally, and enjoy!

That’s it!

Dinner solved, dinner served.


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