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Burrata + Summer Squash Veggie Bowl

You may be familiar with our summer squash bowls – it’s been an amazing year for summer squash, so we have kept finding excuses to build these delicious bowls around it. So, this week, we’ve made it a little more… salady. Yes, salady is a word. And indulgent, because burrata IS indulgent.  Local burrata – so wonderfully creamy and real. Just so much healthy goodness.  We’ve added Farmer Ray’s tomatoes and mixed in a bunch of awesome flavors to really make it special –  arugula, pickled onion, and pistachios. We’re all kinds of excited about this salad. Oh, we didn’t even mention the dressing yet! How could we?! It’s the best part! A roasted tomato vinaigrette is the salad sauce of choice this evening, a smoky and tangy addition to our ever expanding repertoire. It’s super simple, but very tasty, especially when used to dress tonight’s delicious salad. So, pop those leaves and veggies in a bowl, season with some s+p, and dress that puppy up! Drop the burrata on top and enjoy! Happy salad day!


If you got herb rubbed flank steak:

You guys love beef! It’s no secret to us by now. We don’t blame you – this flank steak is insanely good. We usually use this marinade for chicken, but we modified it a bit for steak by adding a lot more herbs and lemon zest. To reheat, broil the pieces of flank steak on high for 2-3 minutes, until heated through. Use a meat thermometer if you are looking for a specific level of doneness, but for medium-medium rare, 2-3 minutes broiling on each side should do it! Once it’s hot, let it rest for a minute or two, and then slice it on a long bias against the grain. Stack those slices right on top of the squash salad, and enjoy!


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