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Butternut + Beet Bowl

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I don’t know about you guys- but I am sooooooooo ready for spring. Don’t get me wrong- I love using root veggies and cold storage items. It’s amazing how veggies are so resilient. You can definitely taste the strength and energy stored within things like beets and squash- and feel it, too! But, I’m talking about fresh, young veggies. I want peas! All the peas! I want fresh baby lettuces from Applefield farm! I find myself falling asleep dreaming of strolling through a field- filled with every veggie that you could ever wish for. I have this massive basket and I’m just plucking things off the plants and chucking them in. When I finally fill it up, and I’m staring down at my bounty, I wake up. It’s terrible. We are almost there guys. Until then, we are bringing you the best of the best for these salads and BOWLS! Tonight, we’ve got a wonderful duo of sumac roasted butternut and golden beets, peched atop a fluffy and fresh red quinoa salad with sundried tomatoes, baby kale, spiced almonds, a bit of goat cheese, and hibiscus tahini. I love this tahini- it’s just the right amount of tart, florally tart from the hibiscus, and citrusy tart from the tons of lemon juice we put in there! This is a spread, not a dressing- so don’t freak out because it’s so thick! The idea is to just mix everything together with the tahini, and don’t forget to give it a quick season with some salt and fresh ground black pepper! Enjoy 🙂


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