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Butternut + Beet Bowls

It’s about that time of year again- time for the summer doldrums. I, for one, totally fall victim to this spell. The heat, the humidity, did I mention the heat? It doesn’t help this year that wildfire smoke is literally making everything hazy and thick. I find myself waking up earlier and earlier every day in an attempt to outrun the lethargy that is sure to come. It’s days like these that make me grateful for large, cool bodies of water. Nothing as refreshing as a nice dip.I would also equate tonight’s dinner to a nice dip in cold water. Simple, seasonal, but not reinventing the wheel. Al classic for us, presented with a summer twist. This is what it’s all about, people. Maple-roasted butternut squash, candy cane beets, and red quinoa, studded with julienned sundried tomatoes and lemony swiss chard- all covered up with some hibiscus hummus and honeyed sunflower seeds. It’s pretty simple, but it’s also pretty delicious. I’d recommend simply digging into this bowl cold, using the hummus as a dolloping situation- but if you’d prefer it hot, simply remove the ramekin of hummus and pop the bowl in the microwave for a minute or two. Apply hummus, and enjoy!


If you got a cajun-spiced chicken breast:

Great idea! The best way to beat the heat is to eat the heat! I can’t believe I just thought of that. Well, this chicken breast is not particularly “spicy”, but it sure has a lot of warm cajun flavor. To reheat, simply broil skin side up on a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil until it’s nice and hot, about 6-8 minutes. Once it’s hot, slice into strips ande layer on top of your bowl. That’s it! Dig in 🙂


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