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Butternut + Beet Bowls

Reheating Butternut + Beet Bowls!

Here we are again, at another solstice! The turning of the seasons from spring to summer is one of the most anticipated changes to come every year. With it comes the acceptance of stifling heat, kids running around out of school, and the desire to cancel all responsibilities and run to stick your head in a large body of water. I’m not much for the what- I’d prefer a cold, snowy winter day to a 96-degree in the shade situation, but I can’t lie, summer is pretty nice. From an ingredient perspective, summer is definitely the best season. Farm-fresh local produce is in full swing, and the future is bright- with every week bringing a new bounty of ingredients, flavors, and ideas. However, this abundance can be stifling at times, and it’s important to see the full picture. That’s where bowls like this come in. Simple, seasonal, but not reinventing the wheel. Al classic for us, presented with a summer twist. This is what it’s all about, people. Maple-roasted butternut squash, candy cane beets, and red quinoa, studded with julienned sundried tomatoes and lemony swiss chard from Applefield farms- all covered up with some hibiscus hummus and honeyed sunflower seeds. It’s pretty simple, but it’s also pretty delicious. I’d recommend simply digging into this bowl cold, using the hummus as a dolloping situation- but if you’d prefer it hot, simply remove the ramekin of hummus and pop the bowl in the microwave for a minute or two. Apply hummus, and enjoy!

If you got harissa garlic flank steak:

Great idea! Nothing beefs up a bowl like… some beef. This fine flank has been rubbed with a savory mix of spices, salts, and harissa-garlic paste, which we made by combining some harissa, and some garlic, and blending it into a paste. Rocket science. After a nice rub, we’ve roasted these steaks for you- and they’re ready to be reheated (or not) and sliced up for topping off your bowl. To reheat, you can either broil them quickly, or just pop them in the microwave. Or grill. Or cook in a pan. Or heat with a hairdryer. Or on a wafflemaker. Whatever. Hot or not, slice the steaks against the grain, and layer the slices right on top of your bowl. Hummus + steak = good idea. Enjoy!

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