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Butternut + Kale Farfalle

Reheating time: 7-10 minutes

Somehow whenever we do farfalle pasta, I get a lot of crap from the team for choosing the shape. Yes, bowtie pasta is whimsical and fun, but I guess everyone thinks that it’s childish or silly to use it with a serious application. Well, I love it, and I feel that it’s the perfect shape for tonight’s dinner. We made a creamy butternut and kale fondue with loads of caramelized onions- perfect to smother those cute little bowties in. Pickled peppers, lemon breadcrumbs, and truffle honey put the icing on this pasta cake (pasta cake???!!!). With a crunchy greens salad, and some focaccia to clean up your bowl with, tonight’s dinner is fun and fresh. Get in there!

For the pasta:

In a saucepot large enough to fit all your pasta, warm the butternut + kale fondue over medium heat. You’ll need to add some water to thin it out. We’re looking for a silky, creamy texture here, but not too thin- shouldn’t be soup. I think a tablespoon or two of water per serving should do it. Keep stirring as it warms up so that it doesn’t scorch on the bottom of your pan. Once it’s hot, drop the pasta in and add a bit more water so that the sauce coats the farfalle evenly. Let the pasta simmer in the sauce until it’s nice and tight, and the pasta is warm. Here, I’d probably add a whack of butter- adding fresh butter towards the end of a pasta pickup really adds some depth and richness, and helps the sauce stay at the right consistency after plating. Right before plating, toss in the pickled peppers- we don’t want to cook these, their crunch and acidity brightens everything up real nice. Scoop the pasta into bowls, and garnish with the lemon breadcrumbs. Don’t forget the truffle honey drizzle!

For the mixed greens:

Toss these in a bowl, mix in the shaved fennel and cranberries, and dress with the maple-dijon vinaigrette. Give a light season with salt and pepper, and plate it up. I usually eat salad as dessert, but feel free to enjoy it on the side with your pasta. 

For the focaccia:

Pop the focaccia in the toaster or under the broiler to warm it up, and jam it right into your bowl of pasta. It’s perfect for mopping up any leftover traces of that butternutty goodness that may get left behind.

That’s it! Simple and delicious. Don’t forget to take a nice photo of your plated dinner and share it with us on social media 🙂


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In case you hadn’t noticed, we love rice over here. There’s a reason why so many different types of rice show up on our menus, and it’s because rice is simply the best starch. It can be anything- simple and pure, or a vessel for new and interesting flavors. Brown rice is especially awesome, not only for the texture and taste, but because of the nutritional value it provides. Tonight, we paired it up with some totally kick-ass veggies, roasted chicken, and a herbaceous chermoula to top it all off. I would enjoy this nutritious bounty of hearty goodies cold, but feel free to heat it up. To warm, remove the components and place them on a sheet tray lined with tinfoil. Keep the shaved veggies on the side until it’s hot. Bake in the oven, at 375, for 5-10 minutes or until hot enough for your liking. Or, just pop it in the microwave… frowned upon, but acceptable in this circumstance. I don’t have a microwave (I don’t trust them!), so I don’t even really know how to use them- but I’m sure you can figure it out. Once it’s hot, scoop out that chermoula and go crazy with it! It’s potent, a little goes a long way. Top off with the shaved veggies, and enjoy 🙂



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