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Caccio e Pepe Cauliflower

I’m not really sure what our idea was with this one. Started with Matt saying “what about caccio e pepe cauliflower” and then us saying yes! And orzo, and asparagus, and champagne vinaigrette, and before we knew it, we had created our own little frankenstein’s monster. Good news, this monster is delicious. I mean it sounds weird, but everything works. It’s awesome. Big surprise, but I would eat this cold – however, it is also great if you nuke it for a minute or two. Just make sure to remove the ramekin of dressing first – these ramekins do not hold up well in the microwave. I learned this the hard way. Whether you’re going for it cold, or using the extra fancy super complicated microwave radiation cooking apparatus, make sure to mix everything up in a large bowl and cover it with champagne vinaigrette. You’re gonna love it!  





Pop the chicken thigh in a baking dish with two tablespoons of water. Heat it up in the oven at 375 for five minutes, or in the microwave until hot.


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