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Cajun Shrimp Salad

Nothing to see here! Just a really tasty salad. This one checks all the boxes for me: sweet, salty, spicy, fresh, and acidic. Reminds me of summer! SPEAKING OF WHICH: Rachel had an amazing idea yesterday (as usual)- we know people like to take off during the summer, and that means you won’t be around to order WECO! Well, we will miss cooking for you, and I’m sure you will miss the tasty eats. So- we want to come to you! WECO is dying to get a change of scenery (we can’t sit still!), and Rachel is thinking about opening a WECO summer pop up at a vacay spot near you. Let us know where you spend your summer vacation- you just might give us the push we need to go find a kitchen on Cape Cod or Lake Winni. Gotta get the ball rolling now! In the meantime, we have this awesome salad to hold us over. Sustainably farmed shrimp, citrusy slaw,. Fresh greens, and a whole bowl-load of veggies. Yummy! Oh yeah, guac. To enjoy this salad, mix everything up with the guac- it acts as a dressing in this case, and when everything is coated, dive right in! Enjoy 🙂

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