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Carne Asada Tacos


Reheating time: 7-12 minutes

OMG you guys… this beef.. Is just so… I can’t… I literally can’t… I can’t even. I can only odd. No even numbers. Prime numbers. Prime numbers are how I feel about tonight’s dinner. I love prime numbers. Ok but for real- everything tonight is so good. Flank and skirt steak (the flank is grain fed, the skirt is grass fed from Joyce Farms!) make the perfect duo for really simple but badass carne asada. It’s all in the marinade, and we rely pretty heavily on you to fry or broil it up at home to get that smoky flavor. The succotash is new, and we love it… the perfect combo of roasty toasty corn and perfectly cooked black beans. Salsa verde, pickles, tortillas, if you can’t get down with tonight’s dinner, I don’t know what to tell you. Fortunately I don’t think we will have that problem. You’ll see. Get in there! 

For the carne asada:

Best way to heat this up is to fry it in a cast iron pan over really really high heat so it sears and caramelizes. Get your pan nice and hot (trick to eating up cast iron pans is to warm them slowly for a long time- to allow the entire pan to heat all the way through. This helps heat retention and makes for some awesome skillet frying action), once the pan is hot, splash a tiny bit of oil in there and fry up the steak. Let it fry on one side till smoky and fragrant, stir it up, and fry for another 2 minutes. Once it’s hot, it’s ready. Leave it in the pan till you’re ready to go!

For the rice:

Honestly microwaving is probably your best bet here if you’re in a hurry, but I like to fry the rice in a nonstick pan to get some crispy bits in there. Fry it up in a nonstick pan with a bit of oil, flattening out the rice and breaking up any big clumps for maximum surface area contact. Toasty!

For the beans

Yeah yeah yeah I know, Gavin likes cold food. That’s what you all say behind my back. “Oh he’s so weird, why does he like to eat things cold? What a freak” well, yes. But sometimes cold is better. These beans can go either way. You can either fry them up like the rice (even at the same time *gasp*), or just dig right in. Whatever you decide, make sure to smother them in the salsa verde. They go great with the beef- ao maybe heat them up together? Crazy!

For the tortillas:

Best way to what these baddies up is to char them over an open flame for 5-10 seconds on each side, so they get warm and lightly charred. Stack them up under a warm and slightly damp dish towel to keep them hot and let them steam a bit. Alternatively, warm them in a nonstick pan one at a time. Get them hot! 

Taco assembly:

Follow your own compass. Chart your own course. Blaze your own trail. You are the pioneers of tonight’s dinner. You decide your destiny. I am not here to tell you how to eat a taco. That’s on you. So experiment and let me know what you like best. Everything matters. Even the order in which you layer the components.

You get a kid’s dinner tonight? 

If you did, pop those muffin pizzas in the toaster or conventional oven to crisp up the pepperoni and get them nice and hot. Enjoy!


Thanks for ordering!

There has been a lot of controversial thought going on in my head around the whole integrity of our second option/bowl offerings as of late. It’s really confusing to me. Like, I don’t know if the bowls/salads/second options/whatever they are called should be complementary or contrasting to the main dinner. Tonight we made a complimentary item, and you guys seemed to really love the idea of it. Not sure if that’s just because the bowl is so good (probably), or because it kind of fits the theme of the night. Please let me know what you think. I really enjoy talking to you all. To reheat this bowl, simply remove the ramekin of salsa and microwave the whole bowl. Yes, I said it. Microwave. No, I will not suggest eating this cold (however much I want to…). You can though. Just don’t tell Rachel I told you to. She thinks I’m weird. She thinks I’m scaring you guys. Is she right? Probably. I scare myself. Once the bowl is hot (or cold!!!), top it off with the mango salsa and get in there. It’s the truth. I see some leftover rice and salsa in my future for lunch today. I can’t wait. Enjoy!

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