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Carnitas Tacos

Reheating time: 7-12 minutes

Tacos on a Friday? What’s up with that?! Well, why not. Change and differences are what keep things interesting. All of the chefs and team members at WECO have walked many culinary and hospitality paths in their life, but somehow, we have all ended up on this windy path together. We aren’t here to terraform the culinary and hospitality landscape- rather, we are here to provide the best service possible. Simple and sweet. Sure, there may be some things about WECO that break the mold- but for the most part, we just want to make delicious food, and make sure y’all are happy. Things like carnitas tacos, well, they make everyone happy. Food is like art- influenced directly and subconsciously by past experiences and exposure, culminating in a truly unique and wonderful experience for us and for you. We didn’t pave the road- we are just travellers, crossing the landscape one step at a time, breathing it all in. Tacos are up next. Get in there!

For the carnitas:

Set your oven to high broil. On a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil, spread out the carnitas in an even layer. Place under the broiler, and let it ride for 3-4 minutes. The fat and juices will render and bubble, and some caramelization action should occur. After 3-4 minutes, give it a stir/flip, and expose the non-crispy bits. Broil for 2-3 more minutes, until nice and hot.

For the rice:

Best way is to fry this rice in a nonstick pan with a little butter or oil. Get your pan nice and hot, add some fat, and scoop the rice from the container. Break up any clumps with the back of a spoon, and stir it around so everything snaps, crackles, and pops (don’t sue, Rice Krispies!). Give the pan a toss, and once everything is fragrant and hot, transfer to a serving vessel.

For the beans:

Beans are the best! These ones are prepared a bit differently than our usual taco sides, but I think you’re going to love them. Soaked overnight, poached with some coconut and tons of aromatics, they’re sweet, salty, and a little spicy. To reheat, warm them in a saucepot over medium heat, stirring until they come to a simmer. Plate them up next to the rice to absorb all of the juicy goodness!

For the tortillas:

Best technique is to char them over an open flame for 5-10 seconds on each side, so they get warm and lightly charred. Stack them up under a warm and slightly damp dish towel to keep them hot and let them steam a bit. Alternatively, warm them in a nonstick pan one at a time. Get them hot! 

For taco assembly:

It’s all about simplicity tonight. Pork, and salsa. That’s basically all you need to be happy. Start with a tortilla, and stuff it with carnitas. Top with the salsa verde, and if you’re feeling crazy, jam some chips in there for the extra crunch. You will not be disappointed.


That’s it! 

Dinner is served, and solved. #weareweco

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