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Carnitas Tacos

It’s Thursday, we’ve got tacos on our mind, and the qualms of hump day are behind us. Who wants to celebrate?! We think carnitas are the way to do it. Not to brag, but these carnitas are tender, flavorful, and everything you’ve been dreaming of. Our carnitas recipe includes a secret ingredient—you’ll never guess what it is! Here’s a hint: it really makes the dish pop! The answer is, drum roll please, Coke! The sugars in the soda caramelize and create a beautiful, subtle, and sweet flavor. These carnitas get the spotlight here but we all know the true star of the show…Mrs. Chips’ chili lime chips! 

What’s in your bag:

-Corn tortillas

-Pork carnitas (thanks to Walden Local Meat Co.!)

-Saffron +paprika rice

-Black beans

-Salsa verde

-Mrs. Chips’ chili lime chips

What you’ll need from home:

-Saute pan

-Oil or butter

-Nonstick pan

-Small pot

-Salt n’ peppa

– A little H2O

Total prep time: 10-12 minutes

The Carnitas

  1. Heat the pork in a saute pan with a teaspoon of oil over medium for about 4-5 minutes or until warmed through. Stir occasionally to prevent it from sticking to the pan. 

The Rice

  1. Grab a nonstick pan and add a little butter or oil. 
  2. Scoop out the rice from the container, breaking up any clumps with the back of the spoon. Stir it around so everything snaps, crackles and pops. Once everything is fragrant and hot, you’re good.

The Beans

  1. Toss the beans in your small pot and heat until just simmering. Feel free to add a small splash of water and adjust to desired consistency. 

The Tortillas

  1. Warm ‘em up! You can pop them over an open flame for 5-10 seconds per side, heat them in a nonstick pan until soft, or put them in an oven for 1 min or so.

Okay, ready to assemble your tacos? Good! Start with a tortilla and layer it with carnitas, salsa verde, and maybe even some rice and beans. Extra salsa verde goes with the chips. Taco time! Happy Thursday 🙂 

And that’s it! Dinner solved, dinner served. #weareWECO

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