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Cauliflower Bowls

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It’s that magical time of year! When veggies near and far begin their seasonal sprint from seed to soil, from sprout to splendor, from something grown to a story of sustenance. I’m feeling so inspired today as I write the new menu for next week- I have been reading The Food Revolution- which if any of you have read it- is not so much of a feel good read. BUT! It definitely reinforces the importance of a lot of the values that we hold dear at WECO, and gives us new energy and determination to make a positive impact on the world. Sourcing sustainably, ethically, and responsibly, hyper-local when possible, and just eating more veggies. Tonight’s dinner is a great place to start for all those things. Not only “healthy” (what does that word even mean?!), this beautiful cauliflower bowl represents a paradigm shift from “meat is king” to “veggies are omniscient”. There’s no place for beef on this dish. Cauliflower is amazing. It holds such standing power on dishes, and truly can captivate the center of a plate like none other. Paired up with some salted cucumber quinoa tabbouleh and chermoula roasted chickpeas, it’s fresh, filling, and fun to eat. Umami? Richness? Depth? All things commonly associated with meat- but our babaganoush replaces all those concepts (and THEN some) with smoky, creamy deliciousness. I can’t even. 

To reheat: remove the container of babaganoush, and microwave or bake (in a different vessel) until hot! Dollop babaganoush, enjoy. <3 WECO

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