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Cauliflower Bowls!

Reheating Cauliflower Bowls!


Again, we’re going with the whole “let’s cut this veggie into big-ass pieces, roast the crap out of it with a ton of flavors and care, and then make it look and feel like a piece of meat”. There’s certain vegetables that you can say this to, and their response is usually something like “oh hell yeah man, let’s do it! I wanna taste like meat!”. Cauliflower, celery root, eggplant, carrots, radishes, turnips, rutabaga, even more delicate veggies like fennel or cabbage- I’ve spoken in confidence with each and every one of these veggies, and they have all expressed their desire to be slow roasted and basted with chile butter. It was a real tough choice, but we went for cauliflower tonight. Cauliflower just seemed to want it more than any of the other contenders, and even showed up 15 minutes early without me asking. At the end of the day, before plating these bowls, the cauliflower spoke up to one of our chefs, and personally thanked her for doing such a good job with the roasting. When I heard this, I was so proud- of our fierce and resilient cauliflower, and our chefs for making it happen. Yes, we talk to vegetables here. Yes, they talk back. No, you shouldn’t be worried. 

To reheat: super simple, you don’t really have to do much. Personally, I would just heat up the cauliflower- either in the broiler for a couple minutes till it’s nice and charred, or in the microwave just to take the chill off. If you want everything hot, just remove the ramekin of cardamom yogurt and nuke the bowl till you’re happy. Drizzle everything with the cardamom yogurt sauce (one of my favorite things we’ve ever made, BTW), and dive on in! 


If you got harissa + sumac flank steak tonight:

I am never going to tell you that ordering the add-on protein for our salads and bowls is a bad idea. Cause it’s not. It’s a really good idea. We’ve been keeping it on the side for more true vegan and vegetarian options, but sometimes you want the best of both worlds. Well, you got it tonight. To reheat the steak, broil it with the cauliflower for 3-4 minutes, till hot enough and cooked to your liking. You could also microwave, but you definitely want to get some char/caramelization on the beef before you slice it up. So when it’s hot, slice it up, and plate it right on top of the orzo. Do not be afraid of the yogurt sauce with the beef. The combo is out of this world delicious. Enjoy!

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