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Cauliflower Bowls

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Sometimes with these instructions, I ask you to humor me while I tackle some of the greatest philosophical questions to ever breach the muddy surface of the swamp that is my brain. I think this exercise serves me more than it does you- so for that, I am forever grateful. Sometimes I feel that y;all are my only friends- it’s like having a blog, but instead of strangers on the internet, I get to talk to amazing folks who love our food. Which is cool. Anyway, that’s all the existentialism for today. Just want to say I appreciate you all 🙂 Thanks for listening to me!

Tonight’s bowl is so freaking good. Shawarma is iconic- and we did not want to mess with the flavors. It’s very important to honor the origins and ingredients of a dish that make it so special. All we do here is pay tribute to the predecessors of flavor that have brought us to the current time and place. We didn’t invent the wheel. We are just in the middle of the wheel, rolling down a mountain and giggling with glee as we spin round and round. It’s the best. We made a punchy spice blend and used it to season the heck out of some cauliflower heads, then roasted them to tender perfection. Crispy chickpeas, cuke + tomato salad, fluffy quinoa, tahini + dill dressing, enough said. Dive into this bad boy right out of the fridge for optimal freshness. Cold is the best. Drizzle that dressing. If you’re feeling like a hot bowl, just scoop out the cuke + tomato salad and pop the whole thing in the microwave for a few. Enjoy!

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