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Chef Gigi’s Greek Salad

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As you may have noticed, I’ve been asking for help when it comes to designing the second options on our weekly menus. I have gotten some great suggestions from all of you- thank you, and expect to see them on next week’s menu. However, our two sous chefs in Acton (the flagship WECO, for all you Detroiters out there) have been the biggest help. Gigi and Theo are what we now call the dream team. These kids rock. Couldn’t do it without them. Sometimes they come at me with some crazy far-fetched idea, and we decide well, no, but sometimes they chime in with perfect suggestions that just make me realize how blind I can be. Example: greek salad. Gigi was like “dude, what about just a really good greek salad- with smoky chicken, olives, cucumbers, you know… greek salad”. For something so simple, it felt like such a relief. Because I knew you would all want it, and I knew we would make it delicious. Win Win. So without further ado, we present to you Chef Gigi’s (idea of a) greek salad. Swapping out grilled chicken for smoked, feta for queso fresco, and with loads of shaved veggies and olives. To prepare, simply mix everything together in a bowl, dress with the red wine vinaigrette, give a season with some salt and pepper, and toss!

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