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Chicken + Biscuits

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes- PREHEAT OVEN TO 400F

You guys. It is SO important to stay hydrated. Think about how much water you drank today. Odds are, it’s probably not enough. Believe it or not, the human body actually NEEDS water in order to function. Crazy, right? Water. Fun stuff. Seriously though. Drink some water. Hydration is the coolest form of self appreciation. Let’s all be hydro-homies together and just bask in the glory of water. It feels so good! That’s all for my PSA of the day. Dinner is simple. Simple is good. Don’t mess with chicken + biscuits. This was one of the first dinners we ever did, and since then it has changed a bit. We’ve never repeated this one, but we thought it would be appropriate to serve it exactly a year later. Also, you’re gonna love this- but you literally just have to throw everything on a tray and pop it in the oven. But the gravy needs to be heated in a pan. And the biscuits will take less time. Ok I’ll just get to the actual instructions now. But- while you wait for dinner to get hot, I have a great task for you- DRINK WATER. Get in there!

For the roasted chicken, sweet potatoes and brussels:

I wasn’t kidding! Preheat your oven to 400F and line a sheet tray (or two) with aluminum foil. Spread out the sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and chicken breasts in an even layer. You might need two trays. That’s ok though. You’ll be fine. Once everything is ready to go into the oven, well, put it in the oven.

Depending on the type/strength of your oven, things could take anywhere from 8-15 minutes to get hot hot hot. Check after 6-7 minutes or so, maybe give things a stir. Once everything is nice and toasty, pop the biscuits in there. 

Pro tip: I LOVE broilers! They are so easy to use and give so much awesome caramelization and flavor blooming to food. If you’re feeling freaky, pop those trays under the broiler for a minute or two to crisp everything up. 

For the gravy:

Super simple. Just warm this in a small pot on the stove, over medium low heat, until it’s steamy and delicious. Make sure to stir so that it doesn’t scorch. 

For the biscuits:

As I previously mentioned, these can go in the oven once the sweet potatoes, brussels, and chicken are nice and hot. Alternatively, you could cut them in half and toast them in the toaster, or *gasp* under my favorite broiler! If you proceed with the toasting, definitely give the biscuits a generous pad of butter once they come out. It’s the only way…

That’s it! Sorry if you hate these instructions! I really like to try and have fun with you guys. Especially on nights like tonight- where everything is so simple, if I just gave you bullet points, we would be wasting all this paper. Get things hot, put gravy on them, dip biscuits into gravy, be happy. 

Thanks so much for ordering, and being a part of this amazing WECO fam! Can’t wait to spend another whole year bothering you with our reheating instructions 🙂

Dinner is served, and solved. #weareweco

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