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Chicken + Broccoli Bowl

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Ah, Monday. Good to see you again. I’m only about halfway through the day here, and I’m so ready for the weekend… Loooong way to go. BUT! There is a light at the end of Monday’s tunnel, and that is your roasted chicken and broccoli bowl! I didn’t get one today because we cooked literally the exact amount of chicken breasts (don’t you love it when that happens??!!), but I am guilty of snacking on some broccoli and parsnips… Don’t tell the chef! Parsnips in the spring are iconic- the huge tubers left in the ground for almost a year are unearthed, after experiencing a deep freeze, and the result is a parsnip that is sweeter, more tender, and absolutely enormous. Super fun stuff. With these big-ass parsnips, we’ve got roasted broccoli- keeping it simple with organic olive oil, salt, and pepper. That’s it. Chicken breast, our favorite airline cut for optimal moisture retention and a little bone for Fido to chew on (or you, maybe), some gold quinoa, again, keeping it simple, and radishes. I love radishes, for their peppery aroma, crunchy texture, and pop of color. Tying the bow atop this parcel of deliciousness is a roasted pepper and sundried tomato chutney, providing all the sweetness and acidity to brighten up your Monday evening. To reheat: Remove the ramekin of chutney, and microwave the bowl for 2-3 minutes till hot. Or, if you don’t mess with the microwave, scoop the contents onto a sheet tray, and bake till hot! Top with chutney. Happy Monday! You’re doing a great job 🙂

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