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Chicken + Broccoli Casserole

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes- preheat oven to 375F

Happy Monday! We’re back at it again with the oven-ready Monday night dinners. We get it- Mondays are scary. The last thing that you need to worry about on Monday is an elaborate dinner for you (and your family, perhaps), and that’s why WECO exists. But tonight, more than ever, we’re making it really easy to get to the dinner table, with a one-component feast that’s ready to be slammed right into a preheated oven. This week’s edition of “f*ck it in the oven Monday” features our summery take on the classic chicken Divane, which I had never even heard of until Rachel mentioned it to me sometime last week. After a bit of digging gon the internet, we decided that it would be perfect in personal casserole form. Tender chunks of herb roasted chicken, broccoli, and confit new potatoes, all slathered up in a delicious mushroom gravy with swiss chard, roasted shallots, gruyere cheese, and herbalicious breadcrumbs on top. Super delicious, super easy to heat up, and for sure a crowd pleaser at your house. On the side, a bevvy of greens and fresh shaved veggies from Applefield farms, with a simple and delicious vinaigrette to round it all off. It’s monday! Preheat your oven and get excited!

Get in there!

For the casseroles:

Preheat your oven to 375F, and remove the plastic lid from your container(s). Depending on the size/strength of your oven, you may need to adjust the cooking time a bit. We want to get the casseroles nice and hot, and brown the breadcrumbs on top. I recommend placing the casseroles on a sheet tray first- this will catch and bubbly action that decides to go up and over the sides, and also make it very easy for you to remove the casserole when it’s done/ 

Place the casserole(s) on a sheet tray, and pop them in the oven!

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Chill out for 10 minutes, then check them out. If you have an internal read thermometer, you can use that to check the internal temperature- a lot safer than sticking a finger in there. Our goal is to bring the casserole(s) to 165F internal temp, so they are nice and hot!

If you need more time, take some! Continue in 5 minute increments until the casserole(s) are nice and hot. Don’t rush the beauty. 

Once it’s ready, it’s ready! Pull out the tray, let them cool off for a second, and then plate them up next to the salads!

For the salad:

Even easier. Just toss everything in a bowl with some salt and pepper, and drizzle with the vinaigrette, Mix it all up, and plate up next to your casserole!


That’s it. Seriously. Done. Crazy, right? Happy Monday, and happy eating!


Dinner is served, and solved. #weareweco


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