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Chicken + Farro Bowls

Thanks for ordering!

Happy Tuesday! I’m totally running out of time! Everyone is waiting on me to finish writing these instructions so that they can pack your bags for delivery and get them out the door! Ahhhhh! I’ll keep it short and sweet. Braised chicken is a wonderful… erm… food group. Versatile, comforting, and the perfect flavor vessel. We got you a bowl, filled with farro, roasted squash, and sauteed greens, and to mix into that bowl, we got you some braised chicken. And green garlic jus. It’s really good stuff. It’s so simple. But so delicious. And for on top, a salsa made from charred sweet onions, roasted peppers, and aged sherry vinegar. Nothing better. To reheat, remove the lid and ramekin of salsa, and microwave the whole bowl till hot! I’d recommend heating up the chicken/jus in a pot on the stove, but you can also microwave that. Once everything is hot, drizzle the braised chicken and jus all over the farro and veggies, mix everything up, and top it off with some salsa. Simple, healthy, delicious. What spring is all about! Enjoy!

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