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Chicken Lettuce Wrap

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I can’t believe it. In a year, we have never done lettuce wraps. Ever. I’m… flabbergasted. I feel like I have to apologize, after trying these luscious wraps today for lunch, for not serving them sooner. Everything about this is a winner- from the pickles to the peanuts. So fresh, so fun to eat, and so much flavor in every bite. We’ve kept everything separate to allow for optimal reheating, and so you can experiment with your favorite combinations. To be honest, I ran out of lettuce about halfway through- so good note for next time- more lettuce. I also thought that maybe romaine or iceberg may have been a better call, but the butter lettuce is just so good… Definitely messy, but so worth it. Besides, I found the perfect solution to pieces of chicken falling out of my wrap. If you just make a little nest of the noodle salad for the chicken to fall into, by the time you’re done with the lettuce, you have a whole new experience waiting for you! Two dinners in one. LOL. I hate myself. “Oh yeah, i don’t know how to eat, and things fall out of my mouth, but that’s ok! I catch them with noodles!!!! And then eat it!” This is me. This is my life. I am not ashamed, but I am not proud, either. Can you believe I am going to be a dad… I’m screwed. This baby is in for a hell of a ride. 

To reheat, simply saute or microwave the chicken till it’s nice and hot. The rest of the components are cold! Build your wraps, starting with chicken, then pickles, then peanuts. Enjoy. Get messy. It’s worth it. <3

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