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Chicken Picatta

Thanks for ordering!

Wow! Needless to say, I am impressed. Every week, there’s always one dish that pulls away from the pack- I’m convinced that you all have some secret underground means of communication, and each week you all hop on the group chat and decide to all order the same thing. We have a pretty good idea of what you all like to eat, but man. I wasn’t expecting this kind of turnout for chicken picatta! Picatta is best described as some sort of meat- usually veal, but in this case, chicken breast- pounded thin, lightly dredged, and browned, served with a lemony caper pan sauce. We’re all pretty on board with that- sounds good to me! However, the sauce needed a little help. Instead of just a plain ol’ caper and lemon sauce, we made a silky cream-based sauce with capers, peas, tons of lemon, and parsley. Trust us, it’s better this way. Way better. You’ll see!

To reheat:

For the chicken: To warm the chicken cutlets, arrange them on a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil. Bake at 375F until hot and toasty, about 5-10 minutes. They’re thin, so they should go fast! Or just microwave 🙂

For the pasta + broccoli: In a large saute pan, warm the caper and cream sauce with half the volume of h2o added (for one ramekin, add a half a ramekin of water). Once the sauce is hot and fluid, drop in the pasta and the broccoli, and mix it up over medium heat. Add more water if necessary- we want the sauce to cling and coat the pasta. If it’s too thick, add a bit more water, and if it’s too thin, just reduce it for a minute or two. Once it’s hot and saucy, we’re in business!

To plate: I recommend dumping pasta and broccoli on top of the chicken. But I understand that’s not the prettiest way to eat this. Alternatively, make a nice bed for your chicken cutlets to perch atop, give it a squeeze of fresh lemon, and dive right in! Enjoy 🙂

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