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Chicken Wings

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Wings- good idea? Bad idea? As the first test subjects of our potentially weekly wing special (at least, until Joyce farms runs out of these amazing little wings), you get to decide. Personally, I am stoked on these lollipops or as Jen called them, “chickensickles” – they are an amazing product, from an amazing company, and per usual, the team did an amazing job honoring that. Joyce Farms “Naked” chicken is just that- happy birds, clean birds, delicious birds- however evolutionarily “whack” chickens may be, they are so good- and we are so glad our friends at Joyce know their way around a dinosaur. We marinated these in our secret soy marinade- you may know it from one of our many “soy-marinated bavette” dinners, and then roasted them low and slow so they’re ready for broiling at home.

To reheat, lay them out on a sheet tray lined with tinfoil, and broil on low for 2-3 minutes, flipping halfway- they should crisp up and turn golden brown, but be careful as they will burn if they are left unattended! Once they’re hot, get them in a mixing bowl, and toss them in the sticky sauce. Grab some napkins, and get in there!


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