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Chili Cauliflower Bowl

The values that we hold dear at WECO—making a positive impact on the world, sourcing ingredients sustainably, ethically, and responsibly, hyper-local when possible, and just eating more veggies—give us energy and determination. Tonight’s dinner is a great place to start for all those things. Not only “healthy” (what does that word even mean?!), this beautiful cauliflower bowl represents a paradigm shift from “meat is king” to “veggies are omniscient”. There’s no place for beef on this dish – unless that yummy soy marinated steak called your name, in which case, there is definitely a place. I know, we’re flip floppers, but great food requires flexibility, just not yoga flexibility.  Cauliflower is amazing, especially slathered with chili butter. It holds such standing power on dishes, and truly can captivate the center of a plate like none other. Paired up with curried orzo, cherry tomato + cucumber salad with pickled shallots + cardamom-mint yogurt, it’s fresh, filling, and fun to eat. Umami? Richness? Depth? I can’t even. This is a toss up – hot or cold, it’s your call.  


To reheat: Hot – just remove the tomato cuke salad and the yogurt, microwave for 2-3 minutes till hot and throw those cold goodies back on, drizzle with dressing.  Cold – toss it all together and enjoy!


If you got soy-marinated flank steak:

Excellent choice. This steak has gotten the treatment that it deserves to stand next to that amazing cauliflower – a simple roast, a soy marinade and WECO love. We are just so happy to be able to share such an amazing product with all y’all. To reheat this beautiful piece of beef, throw it on the grill. For real. It’s gonna get all caramelizey and delicious, and after a rest and a slice, it’s the perfect salad topping. Alternatively, broil on high for 3-4 minutes per side, or until cooked to your liking. Rest, slice, and enjoy.


Thanks for ordering! <3 WECO


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