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Chocolate Cookie Dough w/ White Chocolate Chips

“Now what starts with the letter C?

Cookie starts with C

Let’s think of other things

That starts with C

Oh, who cares about the other things?” –Cookie Monster

Total prep time: 15 minutes


What’s in your bag:


What you’ll need from home:

  • Sheet tray
  • Non-stick spray or butter
  • ¼ measuring cup or scoop

How to Prep:

  1. Preheat the oven to 375F. Keep the dough in the fridge while your oven warms up!
  2. Grease your sheet tray with non-stick spray or butter.  
  3. Using a ¼ measuring cup, scoop out about 6-8 cookies.  Or make one ginormous one – your call!
  4. Bake for 8-10 minutes. 8 minutes for softer cookies, 10 minutes for crunchier cookies. Will need longer if you went with bigger cookies!
  5. Let them cool for 3-5 minutes to firm up (worth it, we promise!).
  6. Enjoy! Leave absolutely nothing behind! 🙂

That’s it! Dinner solved, dinner AND dessert served. #weareWECO

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