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Citrus-Braised Pulled Pork Carnitas Burritos

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

Tradition- why is it so important to us? Think about every tradition that you are a part of- whether it’s gathering with friends and loved ones on holidays, some sort of superstitious act on game day, or even just something silly, like wearing green on Saturdays (this is one of mine…!). Somewhere, sometime, there was a first instance of this tradition- and it was so great, so enjoyable, that it cemented itself in your life. Every reiteration of that tradition feels new, yet still harkens back to the original time and place of enjoyment. This amazing dinner has found its way into all of our hearts, and if you ask me, should definitely be a part of some sort of WECO tradition. No frills, nothing special, just really, really good food. That’s definitely a WECO tradition. I’m starting to forget how to actually use the word tradition. Probably because I can’t stop thinking about carnitas burritos. Get in there!


For the carnitas:

Set your oven to high broil. On a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil, spread out the carnitas in an even layer. Place under the broiler, and let it ride for 3-4 minutes. The fat and juices will render and bubble, and some caramelization action should occur. After 3-4 minutes, give it a stir/flip, and expose the non-crispy bits. Broil for 2-3 more minutes, until nice and hot.


For the rice:

Best way is to fry this rice in a nonstick pan with a little butter or oil. Get your pan nice and hot, add some fat, and scoop the rice from the container. Break up any clumps with the back of a spoon, and stir it around so everything snaps, crackles, and pops (don’t sue, Rice Krispies!). Give the pan a toss, and once everything is fragrant and hot, transfer to a serving vessel.


For the beans:

Super simple. Just microwave these beans, or fry them with the rice. Hot beans!


For burrito assembly:

This part is simple, and if you need extra help, just search “how to roll a burrito” on youtube and you’ll find hundreds of videos, some of which have 1M+ views, so lot’s of people are trying to figure this out. So here goes. Warm the flour tortillas in a nonstick pan over medium heat until they are malleable and soft, or microwave for 30 seconds. Start with a horizontal line of rice right down the middle, then a line of carnitas, then beans on top. Make sure to leave about an inch on each side of your lines to allow for proper folding. Next, pico, crema, and maybe some salsa verde. Ready to roll? Using both hands, slowly bring the bottom of the wrap up and over the filling, compressing it gently with your hands to form it into a cylinder. Tuck the bottom of the wrap beneath the filling, fold the ends in, and finish the roll. You did it! Enjoy with chips and salsa on the side 🙂


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